Diagnosis and Treatment in Seven Areas  of Expertise 

Rhinology and Sinonasal Disorders:  Diagnosis and management of nasal obstruction and sinus problems including sinusitis, infections and allergic disorders.

Ear, Nose & Throat Allergy: Diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders by medications, immunotherapy (allergy shots), and/or avoidance techniques.

Laryngology: Disorders of the throat, including voice disorders, hoarseness and swallowing problems. 

Otology/Neurotology: Diseases of the ear, including hearing loss, ear trauma, cancer, and nerve pathway disorders, which affect hearing and balance. 

Pediatric Otolaryngology: Treatment of ear infections and breathing disorders in children, as well as children with special ENT problems including birth defects in the head and neck and developmental delays. 

Head and Neck Surgery: Cancerous and noncancerous tumors in the head and neck, including salivary glands, thyroid and parathyroid. 

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Functional, and reconstructive surgical treatment of abnormalities of the face and neck.